Galloping Glass

An ornament is worth 1,000 beads


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q What are your ornaments decorated with?

A They are decorated with individually strung glass seed beads and other glass, wood, or metal beads.

Q How many seed beads usually go into an ornament?

A Between 1000 and 2000, although I have had ones that had more than 3000.

Q Why Galloping Glass?

A Because my passion is teaching girls about God with horses and I enjoy beading to help support that.

Q What do you do with horses?

A I pair horses with girls who want to learn about God and horses.

Q Do the girls really get a free horse?

A Define free. The girls are asked to help pay for the  horse’s normal expenses to get them ready for the financial responsibility of owning a horse. The girl will have put hours of her time and an immeasurable amount of her heart into her horse by the time he comes home with her. To answer the question; Yes, the girls do not buy the horses. I give them away when they are ready.

Q Where do I find your art and ornaments?

A My ornaments are on Etsy and My art prints are on Fine Art America


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