Galloping Glass

An ornament is worth 1,000 beads


I bead in my “spare” time when my health won’t allow me to play with horses.  Each of my designs is an original pattern created from ideas I have gleaned from what I see around me.  Most of my designs use between 1500 and 2500 individually hand strung beads.  

The Horse side of Galloping Glass

A girl is paired with a horse that has either been rescued or donated to the program. They learn about communication, rapport, and respect. The girls learn about themselves through their interaction with their equine partner. There are times that a horse can challenge and comfort a girl in ways a human can’t. God works amazingly through each relationship to grow the girls.

When the girls reach a certain point in both their horsemanship and their personal lives I sign the horse over to them. I require level 2 in the Parelli program and completion of a predetermined list of horseless tasks. The times the girls have gotten to take a horse home are special. The girl takes home the horse of her dreams and the horse gets a loving forever home.


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